Piscator Magazine

Angling can be highly addictive. It is a moment of getting closer to fascinating animals living silently and secretly on the other side of a water’s surface. Decades ago people went fishing to catch their food but today fishing has other dominant aspects for most anglers:

It is a necessary balancing moment of relaxation, solitariness and marvelling at nature. These aspects are likely to get people into fishing in the first place and permanently keep them thirsty for knowledge about fishes and their habitats. Eventually anglers will also know exactly about the entire ecosystem’s vulnerability.

(German) Anglers’ magazines do not seize on these aspects. Instead angling is reduced to the very moments of catching fish. Magazines focus on tactics, state of the art tackle and records. The thesis you are holding in your hands portrays the values angling represents for many people, corroborates how angling is valuable for the preservation of nature and describes the logics of special-interest journalism. The result is the draft of a new magazine.

Created in
Autumn 2014
Publisher, Designer
Concept, Styleguide, Editorial Design, Illustration
Master Thesis
Thanks to
Jay Rutherford and Walter Bauer-Wabnegg in Weimar and of course thanks to all contributors: Hans Ljubic, Martin Engelbogen, Daniel Göz, Axel Zarske, Paul Vecsei, Niklas Berting, Simon Meisinger
Graphic Design · Illustration