Corporate Design for HTC Höppler GmbH

HTC Höppler GmbH is provides high-end media technology and IT infrastructures.

One of our main aims was to keep the logotype clear, tidy and have it reflect the calmness and professionalism of the company. Never should the new logotype look complicated since IT and the experience of technology should not be complicated either.
The logotype was redesigned reducing the number of gestures within each character to 1.

Here’s what it was about:

The uppercase „H“ consits of three gestures, the uppercase „T“ is made up of two and the uppercase „C“ requires one. To overhaul the logotype and clear it out, we modified the characters to versions made of one gesture.

comparing old an new logotype

Four dots represent the four fields HTC Höppler GmbH is working in, i.e. IT, media technology, consulting and support.

Business Cards

To keep the design of the business cards clear and simple as well, we kept text-alignment centered and had the logo printed blind debossed.

Business Cards, front- and backside Business Cards, two pieces side by side

On the letterhead, we gave one dot another purpose and had it serve as fold mark.

Business Cards and Letterhead


The results of our work were documented in a small 4-pages styleguide.

Styleguide, 4 pages, inside Styleguide, 4 pages, outside
Created in
Redesigning the logotype, business cards and letterhead; coordination of print production
Special Thanks
Letterpress by Letterjazz Print‑Studio
Graphic Design